“… very sensitve, stylish and elegant playing by a young musician with genuine musicality.”
The Chautauquan Daily

“….she enchanted the audience with her charm.”
Sud-Quest (France)

“…a dazzling performance.”
Green Valley Sun

“Students appreciated Ms. Sussman’s talent – we all enjoyed her humor as well as expertise. Great assembly!”
Teacher from St. John’s Lutheran

“It reinforced my belief that music taps into a part of students that nothing else does. I loved seeing them keeping the beat and moving to the rhythm. I thought Beth did a great job of interacting with students and keeping them with her.”
Teacher from Vista Verde Elementary

“Beth was entertaining and an amazing musician. Her passion for piano was very present in her performance. I appreciated her rapport with the students.”
Teacher from Bonita Canyon Elementary

“I’ve never seen our students so enthralled at an assembly before. Your interaction with them really sparked their imaginations. Several of them plan to ask their parents for piano lessons!”
Teacher from Ribet Academy

“Thank you so much for bringing the special gifts of classical music to our students. They enjoyed your assembly! The most engaging stories and the knowledge you have of the hidden “mockery” within the pieces was very entertaining. Your explanations of beat and rhythm, along with the crowd involvement brought classical music to life!”
Teacher from St. John’s Lutheran

“I really liked your music show! Your music made me feel like a Mexican Jumping Bean. Your piano playing gives me a happy mood. I liked when you taught about syncopation. It’s a cool beat!”
Andy – 2nd grade

“On October 1st, Beth Sussman, a pianist, came to Harbor Day School. She performed for us during the Wednesday assembly and was unbelievable! Everyone loved watching Ms. Sussman, because when she played the piano her hands were flying across the keyboard. Ms. Sussman also had a great personality and was “kid-friendly”. Her message was that if you want to achieve your dream, you have to work hard. She probably inspired lots of kids to play the piano.”
5th grade student for the Harbor Day School newspaper.

“I really liked it when you played slow music. It made me feel like floating around in the sky. Your music gave me a happy day. I like to listen to music when I draw pictures and do art. I hope someday you can visit our school again.”
Brittany – 3rd grade